At Lily and Rose Co., we have a few basic rules of the house. 

One. Our thinking is innovative. 

Two. Our events are inspired and dynamic. 

Three. Our clients are fun and open-minded. 

Four. Our results are beyond expectation.

However, we’re constantly learning, and encouraging our clients to do the same. We’re not here to simply spend your money. Whether you’re planning an elegant gala, or an energy-filled corporate meeting, we’ll challenge you to think outside the box. We’ll listen to you, and work with you, to create the event you never even imagined you could have.




Whether you are planning an executive breakfast, a groundbreaking, a grand opening, a milestone, the company anniversary, a corporate picnic or a holiday party, you can count on us to make your corporate event a success.



We’ve been building our reputation and ability for years, perfecting the art of creating amazing weddings. Working with only the best partners, our little black book means no time is wasted finding exactly the right baker for exactly the right cake.




Our unique approach to the cannabis industry can inspire any event. Whether you are planning a gala affair, a networking event, or private celebration, we can design and coordinate the perfect cannabis event for you. Regardless of the size of your venue or number of guests, we can bring your concept to life.